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Welcome to all our readers on our website at www.tutorialpath.com. As you all know that here on our website we will provide you lots of information related to the latest and newly introduced technology which help you to get updated with the latest tech. Here you will get all the useful information which is required in this tech world. As you know technology is one of the trending part in this world. So, here again we came up with a latest and new tech information which is related to the process of creating WordPress Plugins. With the help of this article you will get to know the complete process of how to create WordPress Plugins in a step by step manner. So, simply have a look to this article and grab all the useful information which is going to be very helpful for you.

Steps to see already installed plugins on the website

Plugins add the specific set of features to the WordPress blog.

They allows enhancement to the WordPress blog easily.

step 1.Go the plugins in the left bar of the screen and click on installed plugin.

step 2.All plugin screen will open. It will show the all the plugins installed.

Steps to download and add plugins to the website

step 1.Go the plugins in the left bar of the screen and click on add new.

step 2.All plugin page will open, from here you can search for the new plugin and install them to your website.
step 3.Type the plugin name or keyword related to the plugin you want to install in the search option.

step 4.Choose the plugin you want for your website and click install now

step 5.Click on activate plugin.

step 6.Now you can see the plugin in the left bar of the screen.

step 7.Now you have installed the plugin, the next step is to use the plugin in the website. For that, we have different ways for different plugins.

For eg:-
=>A. Some plugin provides us ‘short codes’. We need to copy the short code and paste it on the page we want that plugin.

=>B. In some plugins we need to change settings to use the plugin in the website.

=>C. Some plugins automatically gets add to the widgets and we need to manage the widgets to use that plugin on the website.

The plugin which we downloaded needs to change in settings. so here are the steps for that:

1.Go to the plugin and click on settings.

2.Click on settings.

3.Settings page will open. Fill the form and click on submit.

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