PHP Files

php file
php file

What is PHP Files

PHP Files can contain text, HTML,CSS,JavaScript and PHP code.

PHP code are executed on the server, and the result is returned to the browser as plain HTML.

PHP Files have extension “.php”.

Why Can PHP DO?

PHP can create a dynamic page content.

PHP can create, open,read,write,delete, and close File on the server.

PHP can collect From Data.

PHP can send and receive cookies.

Why PHP?

PHP runs on various platforms (windows , Linux , Unix ,Mac ,Os X, etc)

PHP is compatible with almost all server used today (Apache etc)

Basic PHP Syntax

A PHP Script can be placed anywhere in the document.

A PHP Script start with <?php and end with ?>

A PHP File normally contains HTML tags and some PHP Scripting code.

basic php program
basic php program


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