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MySQL Error 1064

MySQL Error 1064

In this tutorial:

Therefore, you are creating a custom SQL query to perform a task in the database. It reacts with a 1064 error after putting the code together and running in PHPmyAdmin. It might look like this:

How to Fix SQL Syntax Error 1064?

First, syntax errors seem very tedious when working with SQL database programs. But, one can easily understand the errors as they are descriptive enough to find possible solutions. One such SQL error code is Error: 1064 which is caused by incorrectly typed syntax of SQL queries. To learn more about this error go down in depth.

About MySQL Error Code:1064

The error message with error code 1064 is caused by the incorrect syntax of MySQL queries. In simple words, MySQL does not understand the commands you write. Commands are misspelled or mistype in MySQL environments that the database does not recognize.

For example, say UPDATE is typed as UPDATE. Also, don’t confuse yourself between syntax error and grammar error, because grammar rules are valid for a syntax error. The parser disagrees to understand the order and fails to perform a task.

Due to MySQL syntax error:1064

The reasons why MySQL encounters syntax errors – 1064 are mentioned here:

  • This may be due to the spelling of the command being incorrect.

  • The error may be caused by outdated or depreciation orders.

  • This can happen when the specific data required by the query disappears.

  • Due to incorrect reserved words as they differ from version to version in MySQL.

How to resolve syntax error:1064

When a MySQL error occurs, it indicates the problem as well as the details and how to fix it. Therefore, for different syntax errors, it shows different solutions. Some of them are mentioned here, follow them according to the syntax error that is bothering you:

  1. Correct Mistyped Commands:- The good thing about MySQL Typos is that they are the simplest explanation for syntax issues such as 1064 error. Unfortunately, they can be the most tiresome to correct. Generally, your best option is to manually authenticate your code and see any mistakes you have made.
  2. Obsolete Commands:- Some commands that were removed (slated to be removed but still allowed for some time) eventually become obsolete. This means that the command in the SQL statement is no longer valid. One of the more common commands is more TYPE. Is the command. It has been removed since MySQL 4.1 but was eventually removed as of version 5.1, where it now returns a syntax error. The TYPE has command has been replaced with the ‘engine’ command. Below is an example of the old version:
  3. Add Missing Data:- Sometimes the relevant data disappears from the database which is required for the execution of a query. Therefore, a 1064 error may occur when data is not found in the database.


As you can see there is more than one reason for 1064 error in MySQL code. Now, you know how to fix problems with your SQL syntax, so that your query can run successfully. This list will be updated as more specific examples are reported.

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