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Hello to all of you today we are going to explain you about basic PHP guide for beginners, thanks for landing on the, which is “Your Path to Learn Everything” in an easy way and you can learn almost every sort of important elements about online things. As you land here, so we can assume, you are a newbie for PHP language, so you don’t need to worry about it.

Basic PHP Guide for Beginners – TutorialPath

Basic PHP Guide for Beginners - TutorialPath
Basic PHP Guide for Beginners – TutorialPath

Simply, read out this entire basic guide where we added some quick links for you to learn PHP coding with coding sections so you can read and learn together easily.

So, let’s learn PHP Basics Tutorial here.

What is PHP?

So, guys, basically PHP is a short form of coding language that is known as “Hypertext Preprocessor”. It is a server-side scripting language designed for Web development.

  • Basically, PHP is also interpreted language.
  • PHP is an object-oriented language.
  • PHP is an open-source scripting language.
  • PHP is a simple and easy to learn language.

How to Learn PHP for Newbies?

PHP is the most popular scripting language on the web. Without PHP Facebook, Yahoo, Google wouldn’t have exist. This PHP Tutorial will get you started in no time.

Benefits of Learning PHP:


  • Performance: Script written in PHP executes much faster than those scripts written in other languages such as JSP & ASP.
  • Open Source Software: PHP source code is free available on the web, you can developed all the version of PHP according to your requirement without paying any cost.
  • Platform Independent: PHP are available for WINDOWS, MAC, LINUX & UNIX operating system. A PHP application developed in one OS can be easily executed in other OS also.
  • Compatibility: PHP is compatible with almost all local servers used today like Apache, IIS etc.
  • Embedded: PHP code can be easily embedded within HTML tags and script.


  • The advantages of the PHP Hypertext Preprocessor, the scripting language also has some disadvantages.
  • PHP is available absolutely free i.e. it is open source in nature.
  • Security: Since it is open sourced, so all people can see the source code, if there are bugs in the source code, it can be used by people to explore the weakness of PHP.
  • Not suitable for large applications: Hard to maintain since it is not very modular.

What is the Future of PHP?

  • Before discussing future of PHP I would like to know you all that PHP is a server-side programming language which is basically designed for website development but it can also be used for a complex application just like Java or C.
  • PHP is a procedural as well as Object-oriented language.
  • And nowadays approximately 83% websites are using PHP as their server-side language.

There is a list of popular websites which are using PHP

  1. Facebook(Using HHVM and Hack – customized PHP)
  2. Yahoo
  3. Wikipedia
  5. Flickr

Why You Should Go for Tutorial Path Tutorials?

Well, at TutorialPath, we are young coders and love to teach our upcoming generation that are interested in learning coding such as basic PHP guide for beginners.

You can learn any type of coding language such as PHP in a quite easy way and you can ask your queries to us anytime.

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