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Hello to all of you, thanks for landing on the, which is “Your Path to Learn Everything” in an easy way and you can learn almost every sort of important elements about online things. As you land here, so we can assume, you are a newbie for HTML language, so you don’t need to worry about it.

Simply, read out this entire basic guide that is called “Basic HTML Guide for Beginners” where we added some quick links for you to learn HTML coding with coding sections so you can read and learn together easily.

So, let’s learn HTML Basics Tutorial here.

Basic HTML Guide for Beginners

Basic HTML Guide for Beginners
Basic HTML Guide for Beginners

What is HTML?

So, guys, basically HTML is a short form of coding language that is known as “Hypertext Markup Language”. It is standard markup language that helps us to basic structure of web pages or web applications.

Basically, HTML won’t be able to build web pages or web apps because the Cascading Style Sheets known as CSS and JavaScript together unite and build perfect web pages for World Wide Web also known as www for accessing domains.

How to Learn HTML for Newbies/Beginners?

If you want to be a professional HTML code than you must be aware with the basics of HTML and you must go through the basic HTML Tutorial that we have shared here.

Benefits of Learning HTML:

So, here we have shared two sections that are Advantages and DisAdvantages where you can understand whether you should learn HTML or not. You must be having clear mind about the Coding Languages first whether that particular language is future proof or not.


  1. HTML is basic coding language to learn for web technologies.
  2. It is one of the languages that are quite easy to learn.
  3. Each browser that exists in the market supports HTML language.
  4. Easy to learn and use.
  5. It comes default in every windows so you don’t need to buy another one.


  1. It can only develop static and plain web pages so if we need any dynamic pages then HTML is not for you at all.
  2. You need to write tons of code for making simple webpage.
  3. There is quite less security features in HTML.
  4. If we need to write long code for making a webpage then it create quite heavy complexity.

What is the Future of HTML?

Before start learning any type of language, student must know that whether that coding language has future or not, or it will finish in upcoming days just because any other language comes.

So, when it comes to build web pages, HTML plays a vital role since starting and today without HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript not even a single website can be build.

[Note: We are talking about basic web pages only.]

Why You Should Go for Tutorial Path Tutorials?

Well, at TutorialPath, we are young coders and love to teach our upcoming generation that are interested in learning coding.

You can learn any type of coding language such as HTML in a quite easy way and you can ask your queries to us anytime.

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